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Mortgage Loan
Housing Loan
Consumer Loan
Gold Loan
Government Security Loan
Education Loan
Personal Loan
Vehicle Loan
Fix deposit Loan
Interest Rates
We Charge Interest on all Loans at Reducing Rates .
We offer Consumer Loan maximum for 36 months.
We offer Consumer Loan for purpose of purchasing of consumer electronics items like Freeze, Television, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Furniture etc.
We offer 85% of quotation value of consumer products.
Maximum loan amount for Consumer Loan is Rs. 50,000/-.
Interest will be debited on monthly basis.
Initial Requirements for Consumer Loans
Copy of Income Tax Returns for last 3 Years.
Valid Address Proof of the person wants Consumer loan.
Bank Statement for last six months.
Guarantors required.
Copy Income Tax Returns of all guarantors.
Passport size photographs for all.
Comprehensive insurance for the product in favor of Bank.
First hypothecation will be stated on the product.
Other Requirements which may arise at the time of loan sanction.
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