Savings Deposit
Current Deposit
Recurring Deposit Scheme
Fix Deposit Scheme
Subh Laxmi Deposit Scheme
Fix Deposit Monthly Interest Scheme
Interest Rates
With Effect from 09/04/2018   
From 15 Days to 90 Days 5.00%
From 91 Days to 180 Days 5.75%
From 181 Days to 1 Year 6.50%
From 1 Year and above to 2 Years 7.00%
From 2 Years and above to 5 Years 7.25%
* Shubh Laxmi Deposit (Cumulative Interest) scheme will be available For The Period 13 Months to 36 Months.
* Senior Citizen completed 60 years will Get 0.50% extra Interest on Fix Deposit (Simple Interest) For The Period More than one year.
* Senior Citizen benefit will not applicable on Subh Laxmi(cumulative interest) Scheme.
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