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Interest Rates
We Charge Interest on all Loans at Reducing Rates .
We offer Spot Fix Deposit Loans to our customers against their fix deposits at our Bank.
We provide Fix Deposit Loans up to 90% of the Deposit Amount.
1% more than the deposit interest rate for the deposit will be charge for fix deposit loan account.
Maturity date for loan account will be maturity date of deposit.
Interest will be debited on monthly basis
Initial Requirements For Personal Loan
Fix Deposit Receipt duly signed by the depositor/s with revenue stamp if required.
Fix Deposit Receipt will be kept by Bank under lien of fix deposit loan account.
Fix Deposit Loan Documents have to be signed by the depositor/s.
At the time of maturity the deposit if there is debit balance in the loan account then that much amount will be credited to the loan account and balance amount with interest will be credited as per customer’s instruction.
New Documents have to furnish if customer renew the deposit and open new fix deposit loan account.
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