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We are always eager and ready to provide best services to our existing and potential customers. You are requested to spare some time for going through the following guidelines which will enable you to avail our services with highest satisfaction. We also request you to give us your feedback to enable us to improve our services and meet your needs.

Information like Account Number, Name of the account holder and Denomination etc should be properly and duly filled in the pay-in-slip duly signed by the person who deposits the cash.
Customers are requested to leave the counter after he gets the counter foil of the pay-in-slip duly signed by the cashier.
While receiving payments, please, ensure that the payment received is matching with an amount mentioned in the cheque.
If the customer has to replace any currency note from the cash-bundle, please present the entire bundle without opening it.
When you deposit a cheque,Please obtain the counter foil of the paying slip duly stamped & signed by the official of the bank.


Nomination facility is available for individual accounts
Pass-Book may be collected as and when required and tender the passbook at frequent intervals for being filled.
After submitting a requisition slip for cheque-book, Please obtain a cheque book soon.
Please, maintain adequate balance in your account to enable us to your cheques when presented.
Nomination facility is available for individual accounts.
Please obtain fixed deposit receipt soon.
Please check the information provided in the Fixed Deposit receipt. If any discrepancy is found, Please bring it to the notice of the official for correction.
Please. ensure that the Fixed Deposit receipt is duly signed by the officer concerned. Take note of the Maturity Date of the fixed deposit by taking appropriate decision of renewal/realization of the fixed deposit.
Please deposit installments regularly in Recurring Accounts to avoid penalty
Please, update the passbook of Recurring deposit account regularly.
Application form prescribed by the Bank for particular type of loan, duly filled in and signed by all the concerned along with Information required be submitted for the processing of the loan application faster.
Please produce all paper/documents as required along with the application.
Please submit the stock book statement in time to avoid penal interest.
Whenever insurance is required customer are requested to take insurance/renew policy.
In case of cash credit accounts, Please submit all necessary paper for renew the limit in time.
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